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    What happened when our intrepid journalist John Harris went to the Conservative Party Conference and talked to “normal” people in the streets of Birmingham? Find out

    Another great video with John Harris from the streets of Handsworth in Brum - “there’s nobody interested in Christmas”.

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    In his speech on Tuesday to the Conservative party conference, the mayor of London, Boris Johnson, told delegates: ‘The prime minister and I danced Gangnam Style the other day’. So the Guardian decided to put together an animation of what Boris and Dave dancing to the hit song by South Korean rapper Psy might possibly look like

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    There isn’t usually a lot of booing at the Paralympics but they make an exception for George Osborne. A video of the chancellor smirking through a chorus of jeers at the Olympic Stadium on Monday, has already amassed well over 130,000 views, joining the ever-swelling ranks of the Moments Tory Ministers Wish Weren’t On YouTube.

    It’s a playlist that no one has compiled yet, so here are a few suggestions to get the ball rolling …

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